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WITHOUT   Memorizing and Lecture-Based Tutoring

Learn the techniques to help your teenager lead a


Date/Time: 11th June 2023 6:00 PM Onwards

Next Webinar is Scheduled for 11th June 2023

Unlock Your Teen's Full Potential:

Why "Teen to Superteen" Workshop is Important for You as a Parent!

  • 93% of Parents are Struggling with teenagers due to constantly changing landscape of tech and social media!
  • But there is Strength in the Struggle and beauty in hardship
  • At the End of 3 Hours, there is so much joy and love in coming days
  • The teenager starts to feel more connected and accepted, behaves better, and Score More Marks
  • Regulate your own emotions and become a Proud Parent
  • Understand Parenting is All About Progress, Not Perfection

Fee: ₹ 999/- (Free Now)

Note: The Workshop will be in Hindi


This workshop is very helpful for students.This even helped me alot in my studies. Firstlywhen I joined this I am bit nervous but now I am full of confidence in my studies. Now I enjoyed this with my friends. It not only focuses on my studies but also in other activities that can help a children a lot on daily basis grooming. If you are finding a friendly with lots of dedication, I must prefer this , it is absolutely a great place for you.  


CD International School, Gurugram

Ma’am helped me with lots of things except grades, she helped me with confidence and other life skill. Ma’am is an amazing teacher she helped a lot with clearing concept that helped me in my grades. Thank You ma’am for the help.

Muskan Yadav

GD Goenka Public School, Sector 48

She is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of efforts for us. Her lessons are engaging, useful, and she is very patient with everyone in class, always encouraging her student to try. I am very happy with her determination to guide us. She always motivates us to do better. I would highly recommend us.


Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute

Fee: ₹ 999/- (Free Now)


Only 100 Seats Per Workshop

4th June, 2023 (Sunday): 6 PM To 9 PM

( All 100 Seats Sold Out )


11th June, 2023 (Sunday): 6 PM To 9 PM

Last Few Seats Left! Filling Fast !!

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Fee: ₹ 999/- (Free Now)



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Parents Generally Complain that their Teen

  Has Falling Grades
Has poor study habits
Makes careless mistakes
Has a short attention span
Has difficulty concentrating on tasks
  Is easily distracted
  Has difficulty setting goals
  Wants to be successful but does not know how
  Strives to improve but yet fails to show desired results

Some Common Words of Teens

  I study a lot but still the result is always disappointing!
    Did I not follow the study schedule properly?
  Perhaps I don’t know the right techniques for studying.
  Maybe I didn’t have enough time to study.
  I study a lot but still the result is always unsatisfactory.
  I’m easily distracted that happen around me when I study.
  I have difficulty with problem-solving.
  I have difficulty establishing relationships.
  I get extremely nervous when I..

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STEP 5: Learn the Techniques to Help Your Teenager Lead a

               Successful, Independent and Future-Ready life.

Fee: ₹ 999/- (Free Now)

Join Our Journey,logo Transform Together.

Own Your Future: Empower Yourself and Your Teens to Thrive Amidst Change.

Imagine the heartwarming bliss of a home where love, respect, and understanding thrive between
teenagers and their parents.

That is EXACTLY how the  Teen to SuperTeen  Workshop based on NLP tools and techniques.  You have a chance to come and attend for 3 HOURS…. Experience EVERYTHING, and the AFTER it’s over… you and your teenager are
Master of Mind

NLP notes have been compiled after a
deep research and knowledge in human psychology.

Fee: ₹ 999/- (Free Now)


Your Teenager can Score More Marks​ with Holistic Methods of NLP

Without ​ Memorizing and Lecture based Tutoring


Welcome to our workshop facilitated by Sarita, a highly experienced coach with over 20 years of helping youngsters live up to their full potential.

Sarita has a proven track record of guiding young students to a quantum leap in their academic performance by addressing their anxieties and helping them relax. Her unique approach to coaching encompasses the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of her clients.

Sarita has worked with teenagers from diverse backgrounds, and her ability to connect with and motivate youth is unparalleled. She creates a secure, supportive, and non-judgmental environment that empowers teens to explore their thoughts, feelings, goals, and aspirations.

Sarita’s deep understanding of the needs of young students has enabled her to become a trusted coach, and students under her guidance feel a sense of deep comfort in her presence. She believes in nurturing the inherent potential of each student and is committed to helping them achieve their full potential.

Join us in our workshop, where Sarita will guide you towards unlocking your true potential and living your dreams.

Fee: ₹ 999/- (Free Now)

"Teen to SuperTeen"

Score More Marks

With NLP Tools & Techniques


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is NLP?

NLP can also refer to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is a type of psychological therapy developed in the 1970s. It is a method of communication and personal development that focuses on the connection between neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic), and behavioral patterns (programming).It is the training of subconsious mind.

How NLP works?

Identify and transform negative thought patterns and behaviors into positive ones, leading to increased self-awareness, improved relationships, and greater personal and academic success. NLP uses body to influence mind.

How NLP benefits you?

By analyzing and modifying the patterns of thought and behavior of an individual, they can help them achieve their goals and improve their communication skills.

How NLP helps in studies?

NLP can help students improve their study skills and performance through techniques such as goal setting, visualization, anchoring, and time management. NLP can help students develop a positive mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and improve their study habits, leading to greater success in their academic pursuits.

What are some of the techniques used in NLP?

The techniques used in NLP include anchoring, visualization, affermations and modeling the behavior of successful individuals.

Who is Mind Coach?

A mind coach is a professional who helps individuals achieve their goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and improve their mental and emotional well-being through various coaching techniques that focus on mindset and behavior modification.


This workshop is for parents and teenagers who are interested in enhancing their skills and knowledge. Please refer to the above section “Who is this workshop for?” for more information.

Fee: ₹ 999/- (Free Now)

The power of hope is beyond all comprehension because it has the ability to overcome the biggest challenges Score More Marks
Get the Smile of Success 

3-HOUR "Teen To SuperTeen" Live WORKSHOP​

Fee: ₹ 999/- (Free Now)